Ars Luminae


About Us

Ars Luminae is a company focused on promoting and valorising Performing Arts, centred on the artistic direction, programming, production and execution of musical projects. It also has an intense activity as a cultural consultant, advisor, and career manager/booker of significant international artists. Our goal is to give opportunities to talented musicians worldwide. Thus our motto: “Fuelling Talent”!

We dedicate to a diversity of musical genres, with differentiating offers in the areas of Classical Music, Jazz and World Music (including Fado).

The programming, promotion and production of unique and distinctive cultural events are some of the excellency services which enrich our offer, with the availability of integrated solutions where each detail is thought out in an innovative, creative and unforgettable way. Because each creative manifestation, each fair, each festival, and each concert are exclusive and unrepeatable, we propose to employ the best operational methodologies, establishing a culture of quality and reliability with our partners. We strive to build credibility and solidity of our offers to guarantee customer loyalty and the conquest of new opportunities.

Based on a policy of internationalisation which aims to advertise our artists and projects on a global scale, we have been establishing strategic agreements and developing a network of partnerships with entities and cultural agents firmly rooted in the market. We are therefore opening new paths and exploring new ways of dissemination, affirmation and effective implementation of the artistic projects we produce, with particular emphasis on booking tours relevant to the musicians we represent. As part of this strategy of consultancy and partnership, we are developing ambitious projects, including the conception and production of cultural events on a world scale, such as festivals, concerts, fairs and exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses.

Our team is formed by highly experienced individuals, thus guaranteeing the utmost efficiency and professionalism in our services.

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