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Bach Cantata BWV 169 (1. Sinfonia) - AVRES SERVA
Bach Cantata BWV 35 - AVRES SERVA


Nuno Oliveira completed the Superior Piano Course at the Music School of the National Conservatory in Lisbon with a classification of 19 points, having had as masters the professors Leonor Pulido and Melina Rebelo. In 1988, he was invited as a soloist to represent Portugal in a concert by young performers held in Finland and broadcast by RTP, having been accompanied by the Finnish Radiotelevision Orchestra, conducted by the renowned conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste. He collaborated with Orquestra e Coro Gulbenkian, Orquestra e Coro XXI, and Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa as a harpsichordist and/or organist, where he performed under the direction of Leonardo García Alarcón, Hans-Christoph Rademann, Nicholas Kraemer, Dinis Sousa, Nuno Coelho or Cesário Costa. Nuno collaborated as a harpsichordist with the OrquestrUtópica, in several recitals and live recording of Alexandre Delgado’s ‘A Raínha Louca opera. In 1988 Nuno Oliveira won second prize at the National Competition Maria Campina for piano, held in the Algarve. From 1999 to 2001, Nuno studied harpsichord with Jacques Ogg and bass continuo with Jan Kleinbussink at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, at the invitation of the former. From 2001 to 2003, Nuno studied at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam, having attended Bob van Asperen’s harpsichord and Menno van Delft’s bass continuo classes. In 2015 he founded AVRES SERVA, a group designed to perform ancient music in historically informed interpretations and which debuted in the Convento dos Capuchos Music Cycle that same year. Among the various concerts performed, the participation in the Dias da Música 2018, where two Bach cantatas were performed, in the first performance in Portugal with historical instruments, pitch and temperament, stands out.



The group made its debut in concert at the Music Cycle of Convento dos Capuchos and intends to address different periods in the history of music, with special emphasis on music from the 16th to the 18th centuries in historically informed interpretations. Created in 2015 by Nuno Oliveira, who is in charge of the musical direction and the elaboration of the repertoire to be presented, the group intends to bring together the singers and instrumentalists necessary to perform the works it proposes, all of which regularly collaborate with various groups Portuguese or foreigners. He made his debut in 2015 with Italian Music for an Office of Vespers in the Music Cycle of Convento dos Capuchos. Among the various concerts performed, we highlight the participation in the 2018 Music Days, with the Cantatas BWV 35 and BWV 169 by Johann Sebastian Bach, in the first performance in Portugal with historical instruments, tuning and temperament, or presence in the 32nd Music Season of São Roque, in 2020. In the two previous seasons, the group participated in the Concert Season of the Chapel of the Ducal Palace in Vila Viçosa.

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